Seven Square Systems Ltd

Seven Square Systems Ltd was formed in February 1998 by Rick Prentice building on his 20 years of IT experience.

It specializes in software development for small to medium sized business database applications and consultancy work dealing with database design, database web and e-commerce sites and performance problems, advanced training and strategic IT management.

Seven Square Systems Ltd

Seven Square Systems Ltd

    • Hardware specification, procurement and configuration including networking.
    • Operating systems: NT Server and Workstation, all versions of Windows and DOS covering specification, configuration and administration.
    • All Microsoft Office Products including 2000.
    • Specialist in databases using Access 97 & 2000, SQL Server 6.5 & 7
    • VB 5,6 & VBA including ODBC, DAO, RDO, ADO and automation within Office suites.
    • Internet and Intranet Web design using databases, IIS, ASP, VBScript and Webclasses
    • Data conversion from other products a speciality.
    • Strategic Management and masterclass training offered.
    • Also experienced in Digital non-linear video editing applications.


Rick spent 20 years as a senior IT manager with British Telecom managing IT support groups and implementation teams. He has extensive understanding of the management of change on very large systems and a detailed technical grasp of the intricacies of modern PC software. He has a particularly wide knowledge covering a broad range of both hardware and software together with analytical skills and business and team management experience.

Recent work has been on the design and implementation of a 70 user system managing the distribution of funds to 50000 clients. This is a hybrid Access and SQL Server application running under NT including complex data conversions from existing Oracle and Ingres systems.

Now working on advanced web based databases for performance, Intranet and e-commerce applications using VB6, IIS Webclasses and ASP for customers in the UK and US.

Other work includes the conversion of complex scientific programs interfacing with mechanical test equipment.

He originally trained as an electronics engineer and holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics from Bradford University


For further details: EMail Rick    or visit  Rick's Home Page  

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