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Rick & Jan's Travels in France


Our travels in the US were in a 31ft motor-home weighing in at 7.5 tons. Our continuing travels in Europe are in much reduced circumstances! We have a 15ft 6in caravan weighing in at 1300kg (that's just over 1.25 tons) and is about the same as the weight of our tow-car. That actually makes them a fairly well matched pair. However without slide-outs and onboard water and sewage and space it feels very cramped. However we have managed to retain the fixed double bed in what is known as a luxury two berth style which is now so popular over here. As European vans are, this is a well equipped van and we have most of the facilities we have become used to, just less of them.

We also plan to do a lot less miles. We did over 27000 in a year in the US and Canada. Here we plan to travel much less and stay in one place for three to four weeks at a time. In some ways we have had our fill of travelling for a while.

We also plan to return at much shorter periods too (It is a lot closer). So we will be returning (briefly) in August. This is actually as much to do with insurance as anything, so as in the US, bureaucracy gets in the way.

Communication is also much more difficult here. We have no mobile phone capability as we had in the US, and crucially, we have no internet access of our own, and experience suggests we will find it hard to find here. So the site may only be updated sporadically. It will get written though, so I hope the followers of our travels will enjoy, as they have done in the past.

Most of the detail will be in the diary, so click on the link above to get there.

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